Patient Lifts

If transferring a family member from their bed to a wheelchair is becoming more impossible every day you might want to consider a patient lift. They come in fixed and portable designs. Fixed designs include higher lift capacity, easy-to-use battery charger, proven longevity, and an easy-to-use and unobtrusive carry bar. A fixed ceiling lift encompasses a powerful motor unit, which resides in the track system, and functions as a permanent transfer and lifting solution.

Portable ceiling lifts are designed to be moved from room to room, to different tracks, and offer greater flexibility of use. Our portable ceiling lifts can be easily connected and disconnected from different types of track systems. As if that wasn't enough, the motor unit acts as both, motor and carry bar, from which the sling is suspended for easy and compact transporting for your convenience. Call us for a free in home assessment to see what lift and design is right for you.

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